Secure 24 Month Installment Plan for Financing:

PC Financing,

Preview Image

4X4 Extended Cab Truck Financing,

 Preview Image

4X4 Extended Cab Truck Financing,

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DCOM has a legal finance department within its incorporation. We have used our listing accounts to first buy, then in cases of excess, offer a sales facet to our buying programs.

Computer Buying Program:

Any 486 machine or newer type and any make, we pay the shipping and pay online with Epost.  Usual prices are from 200.00 – 500.00 COD. With this excess, we offer a basic PC from 19.99/mo to 59.99/month, for 2 year terms.

Office Furniture Buying Program;

Any upper quality PC or Office Furniture. Anywhere from 50.00 – 200.00 COD. Same payment terms. In this case we do not offer desk financing.

Vehicle Buying Program;

Any Four-wheel-drive Pick Up Trucks. Will pay on 1000.00/wk untill balance is paid in full. Our rough amounts that we will pay is from 2500.00 – 5000.00. We have the criteria that we dont move the vehicle, transfer ownership or ask for anything other that you to sign our reciepts from Certified Bank Drafts. Draft limits require us to pay 1000.00/wk until the full agreed upon sale price has been paid in full. Then we require pick up instructions, and signed transfer forms with a valid vehicle registration paper.

In consequence, we offer vehicle financing for our excess vehicles from 250.00/month to 650.00/month for 2 year terms.

If you are interested in buying or selling contact the Admin CFO at

Direct West Sales Staff.

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